Pulmonary Diagnostics

Ensure accurate, repeatable & comparable results to measure complete pulmonary functions

PC Based Spirometers

Reliable, accurate, PC based systems for SVC, FVC, MVV.

Impulse Oscillometry Systems

IOS systems, minimal patient co-operation, differentiated diagnosis of central and peripheral airways.

Diffusion & Lung Volume Systems

Ultrasonic sensor based systems for diffusion capacity and lung volumes.

Body Plethysmographs

Ultrasonic sensor based state-of-the-art body plethysmograph systems

CPET Systems

CPET systems for evaluation of complete cardio pulmonary circulatory system.

FENO Devices

Reliable, easy to operate Fractional expired Nitric oxide systems for Asthma diagnosis.

6 Minute Walk Device

Tablet based 6 minute walk test for pulmonary rehabilitation

Pulmonary Filters

Filters to prevent cross contamination and guaranteeing patient safety and hygiene.

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