Welcome to the future of Operating Rooms with Esbee Dynamed’s digital platform, CREA!

In an era where the healthcare landscape is evolving rapidly, with an increasing number of connected devices in the OR, CREA ensures robust integration using state-of-the-art technology.

With CREA, experience ultra high-definition imaging and display solutions, with secure, scalable, efficient management of surgical records, and seamless integration of data, customizable according to the unique needs of your hospital.

CREA Essential

The entry point to a digital OR

  • Recording
  • Image Capture
  • Media Export
  • Streaming and Viewing
  • Third-party Application Integrations

CREA Intermediate

For larger integration needs

  • Recording
  • Streaming and Viewing
  • Design
  • Data Integration
  • Video Conferencing (Optional)
  • Web-based Client-server Architecture (Optional)

CREA Custom

Tailored features for advanced needs

  • Custom AV Fitouts
  • Large Scale Project Execution
  • Data Intregration
  • Custom Software Development

Project Gallery


8 OTs – CREA Custom (Caresyntax)

Date of Completion – 2017


Pediatric Neurosurgery – CREA Custom (Caresyntax)

Date of completion – 2023


Orthopedic OT – CREA Intermediate

Date of completion – December 2023


CREA Intermediate – Robotic OR

Date of completion – 2024

Why choose CREA?


Connected Collaboration

OR integration systems allow for faster data sharing between different departments, leading to better patient care.


Simplified Documentation

Say goodbye to tedious data searches, disruptions, errors, and slow transfers and experience streamlined retrieval of records and increased time efficiency with CREA’s standardized documentation and centralized storage.


Seamless Integration

Enjoy the ease of deployment and use with CREA, whether you’re setting up a new operating room or enhancing existing infrastructure. CREA adapts effortlessly to your needs, with extensive project services and backend support.


Consistency in Care

Comprehensive case reviews enabled by high definition video and image capture can have the potential to reduce variability in surgical approach and contribute to positive outcomes.


Educational Empowerment

Facilitate real-time expert opinions, empower junior physicians through case reviews by peers and seniors, and ease the teaching workflow for live surgical demonstrations and conferences for an enriched learning experience.

CREA Surgical Video on Demand Platform (SVoD)

Surgical content library at your fingertips

Videos and snapshots from the OR, crucial for patient medical records, reporting and legal
documentation, present challenges in storage, retrieval, scalability, safety, and

A simple, highly scalable, seamless, and secure solution for archival and retrieval workflows.

A vendor-neutral archive compatible with any recording device.


Automatic export of recorded media from the local computer/drive to the SVoD platform.


Optimised resolution based on available viewer bandwidth.


Flexible deployment options, either on-cloud or on-premise.


Secure login


In-built media player for fast content review.


Automatic deletion of data after the specified retention period, ensuring compliance with
data management policies.

CREA Project Management Services

Your gateway to digital operating rooms with our highly qualified and experienced support team.

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