About us

Our mission is ‘to create holistic healthcare Solutions to help doctors treat patients seamlessly.’

Esbee Dynamed has been in the business of healthcare for over 20 years. Having started as a distributor company representing overseas manufacturers, we have now transitioned to a comprehensive healthcare provider with a mix of our own manufactured products and distribution led solutions. 

Our philosophy is to offer customised solutions, depending on the unique needs of our customers. 

Our expertise includes healthtech, customised software development and project management and ability to deliver across the country.

Benefits to Patients

High tech products that improve diagnosis, ease surgical workflow for faster recovery and improve patient safety.

Benefits to Hospitals and Medical Practitioners

Our long experience with diverse technologies and expertise in curating and supporting products over several generations of technologies.

Benefits to World-Class Medical Equipment Suppliers

Gain access to deep networks in the healthcare industry and a trusted partner to top hospitals in the country over 2+ decades.

Gain a partner with great reputation and experience.

01. Brainstorm

Once requirements are defined, we match technology to the specialist requirements, project scope and budget.

02. Design

Technical requirements are conveyed to the manufacturer, and final product specifications are confirmed.

03. Install

We oversee physical installation and train hospital technicians till they are totally confident.

04. Sustain

We guarantee uptime and ensure that product life is prolonged.

Our motto – ‘Charaiveti’

The sanskrit phrase for ‘Keep Moving’. It is at the heart of everything we do.

Honesty and integrity

In all internal and external relationships – own up mistakes, no cover-ups, no blame games.

Be better than yesterday

Make steady and continuous progress. Go out of your comfort zone, learn something new every day.

Never give up

When fighting for an order, or when faced with tough or challenging situations.


Be DABAANG! You are your word, honour it in every aspect – big and small.


Treat every internal and external stakeholder with respect, and expect to be treated with respect.